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Author Topic: Exporting raw images to Zip  (Read 85868 times)


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Exporting raw images to Zip
« on: August 22, 2012, 06:00:03 AM »
I noticed that Jim mentioned in another post that he was able to export the raw images from the Roland CD's to MO and Zip. Anyone have any info on how to do this? I know that I can use the free version of translator to extract the .out files. Those are 1.5MB in size and can't be directly written to 720k floppy.

I have modified every SCSI cd-rom drive I have on hand (8 of them actually) to use 512k block size to no avail. I give up on that until I can find a known working drive.

I do have access to an Apple CDSC which is supposed to work. I know it would be tedious, but would it be possible to copy the sounds from cd to Zip/HD using the W-30 itself?

If I find a way to get this done, the Zip images will have to be archived out there somewhere for the next poor soul who wants to jump into using the Roland CD's on their W-30. This is madness....   >:(