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Author Topic: CD Editor Export  (Read 98965 times)


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Re: CD Editor Export
« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2012, 10:17:02 AM »
Hi Jim,

I have played with the CD Editor a bit. Major problem is with the way my testing CD is burned I guess. I do not have any original Roland CD so my testing was done just with CD I have burned from an image. I have burned it as MODE1 CD, so there is a possibility that a real Roland CD is burned in another mode. (these modes cause different way how data is read from CD).

Do you actually have a real SCSI CD-ROM attached to the sampler? If so and you can read your CDs on your sampler, can you please check which mode are the CDs burned. If you need assistance on how just let me know.

I've put together new CD Editor beta (in the attachment of this post) with possibility to open ISO images directly from PC. Can you give it a shot and test if static is still there after export? At my side everything works smoothly (no static whatsoever). I have exported 'Harp Plucks' and 'Nylon Guitar' as diskimages and then exported tones into wavs. All perfect without glitches.

To install this beta:
  • Backup the current version of CDEd.dll (located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Miro Svetlik\SMFW30\)
  • Overwrite CDEd.dll with file in this attachment.
  • Run SMFW30 and launch CD Editor
  • Click on radio button IMAGE FILE and select iso image you have send me
  • Try to export any diskimage
  • Open diskimage in the Tone Editor and save some Tones as Waves
  • Check Waves in your default Sample Editor

thanks in advance and let me know if this worked out  ;)




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Re: CD Editor Export
« Reply #16 on: June 16, 2012, 09:52:00 AM »
Hello Miro!

Wow!  This Beta is working great so far without any static at all.  Wonderful!!

I found that when I export to Roland S-330 format everything works great.  Note that with the S-330 I can convert to S-50.

I also was able to save to S-550 format and then successfully use the S-50 special SYS-505 program to convert load to the S-50.

I haven't test on the Roland W-30 just yet. 

The only problem I have found is that exporting images to Roland S-50 format does not work directly.  It actually corrupts the S-50 memory on loading with garbled ascii characters.  This isn't that big a deal though because I can easily convert from S-330 or S-550 formats to S-50 using the S-330 or conversion software.  I believe the W-30 can do the same.

I also noticed that the audio quality was very high with either these samples or the conversion process with the SMFW30 Beta. 

What's great is that I can now export the image files from the CD-Roms using the CD Editor and then put them all on the HxC Floppy Emulator so that I can just load them up rather quickly without making floppies.  Now that I know the images work, this is easy to do.

Thanks so much for this Miro.  I'd say the new beta works great.



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Re: CD Editor Export
« Reply #17 on: June 16, 2012, 10:05:13 AM »
With regards to the CD Mode, I am not sure yet.  Yes, I do now have a Roland W-30 CD-Rom device that I actually bought from a guy in Russia along with some W-30 CD-Roms.  I  will probably receive them next week and will then be able to give you more info about the CDs and Modes.  The S-50 and S-330 as you know can't use CD-Roms as they don't have any SCSI connections. 

With my Windows 7 computers, the loading of the Universe of Sounds CD Roms freezes my system when using SMFW30 for export.  However, I found that using Daemon Tools and loading an Image works.  Your new Beta method of loading an image file works great too which I used to export the images I reported above.  Again, as long as I can now either use Daemon tools or the Image loader in SMFW30, it's not a problem not using an actual CD.  I'll check on this though as I'm curious exactly what Mode is used.

I'd say you solved my problem with exporting those image files from the Universe of Sounds CD-Roms.  I have a few other CD-Roms coming my way with the CD Drive next week so I'll update you on what those are.  The guy has a nice collection so I'm excited about checking them out.  In the meantime, having these two Universe of Sounds CD-Roms is fantastic as so far all of the sounds are awesome.

Note that I removed the links above from your forum as I know the copyright issues are strong with these Universe of Sounds CDs.  I don't want anyone to get in trouble.

I'll do some more testing over the weekend with my W-30, S-330, and S-50.  I'll post more info shortly.

Thanks again!