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Author Topic: [Solved} Convert Roland demo disks to images (for Gotek emulator)  (Read 22059 times)


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How do I convert the Type 2 Sound&Song Roland demo disks (Leya's song, etc) to images that will work in my Gotek emulator?

For sample disks with extensions such as *.W30 or *.OUT, it's just a case of renaming them so the extension becomes *.IMG, but that doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong??

EDIT: It now works!! And it **is** as simple as changing the file extension (as I first thought), so that W30DISK1.W30 becomes 001.IMG (because the Gotek can only understand file names from 000-099).

I think the mistake I was making was this. When I first saw the Gotek for sale online, I assumed that because it had a 3-digit LED display, it could store 1,000 (000-999) floppy disk images.

Now I know that that isn't true. So it's possible that I was telling the emulator to load file 001 and not b01. The first digit always has to be a 'b'.

We live and learn.....
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