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General Discussion / Re: Future of SMFW30
« Last post by katsumi on October 16, 2017, 03:47:43 PM »
I saw an email from this forum after a long absence. I did not see the site of SMFW 30 too much because I changed my PC and I lost password.Just briefly, if you are going to continue development as it is, let me buy five, separately. (Probably 50 Euro)I sincerely hope that the nice soft software I've been able to help with will continue to develop.

(I would be happy if I could do direct SMF export from Director-S or SYS-333, 553 SONG FD if possible.)

Kat from Japan
General Discussion / Future of SMFW30
« Last post by miro on October 16, 2017, 03:26:23 PM »
Hi guys,

it has been quite long time. Normally I never do global messages but in this case I have decided to do so. Recent months lot of new people registered and purchased SMFW30 to my big surprise. SMFW30 is now more than 15 years old software so I am wondering whether you guys would like to get an update. Current SMFW30 is written in assembler. This is of course a good and a bad thing. It is fast and small but to maintain it or extend is very time consuming. Long time ago I started with .NET conversion but as the life pressed I had to start making money and could not work on projects like SMFW30 anymore. Considering new interest I wonder how many of you would be willing to pay for new completely rewritten version? I am talking here a cross-platform program (Win/Mac/Linux) and a web sound repository.

please let me know what you think about it


General Discussion / It's a pleasure to be here!
« Last post by amenophis on January 08, 2016, 03:03:09 PM »
Hi folks!

My name is Simone and I've just join this forum  :)

I've a Roland S-550 sampler with SCSI interface, an external CD-ROM and a magneto-optical drive. Unfortunately the CD-ROM drive doesn't works anymore so I can't access to my CD-ROM library  :'(
I tried to replace the CD-ROM drive but, due a few model compatibility, I didn't find anything to replace my broken Sony CDU-8012b so, with the SMFW30 help, I'll convert my CD-ROM library in image disk>floppy disk>S-550 memory and finally I'll save the library in the magneto optical drive disk.
General Discussion / Re: Thank you Miro. :)
« Last post by miro on January 04, 2016, 01:05:05 PM »
Wow Zac that's quite a work you have done with your collection ;-). I am impressed and happy to hear that SMFW30 played a small role in this story. I hope it will all play well together.
General Discussion / Thank you Miro. :)
« Last post by Zac James on January 03, 2016, 01:11:47 PM »
Hello all,

I recently breathed new life into one of my 3 W-30's.  They'd all been in storage for more than 10 years, and when I pulled them out of their coffins, none of the floppy drives worked, multiple keys weren't working, buttons had stopped responding and the backlights had all dimmed very poorly.

Not to be discouraged, I took the cleanest looking one, and decided to try and get it into a functional state.

I stripped it to components, and ordered some spares from ebay and some guy in Germany for a new backlight.

I've replaced a floppy drive with one of Lothareks HxC drives, swapped out the backlight for a new bulb, replaced the entire analog board with a brand new spare I was lucky to find, (the analog board is where all the jack plugs connect to, which also includes the sampling input and input gain pot) as well as replacing the panel switch board with a another spare from ebay.  I was also unhappy with the power supply condition, so serviced that with a new IEC connector and fixed what looked like a bad earth connector.  It took me an afternoon to do all the work, but it's now pretty new looking and feeling.  I also installed the KW-30 SCSI chip.

The HxC drive is a marvel of modern technology, and is a must have if your drive has failed.

On another note, I managed to find the entire Roland Sound Library for the S-50 / S-550 from a site, and using SMFW30 was writing some disk images for my S-760.  I'm quite happy with that.  My S-760 has been given another breath of life by getting the OP-760-1 expansion working with a VGA upscaler, plugged into a modern LCD screen.

Here's some pics:

General Discussion / Universe of sounds vol.1
« Last post by bobtaylor on February 27, 2015, 04:30:12 AM »
Hi folks,
  I am in need of UOS vol.1 image file. Would anyone be willing to share that with me?
General Discussion / Re: Your W-30 in Action
« Last post by miro on February 14, 2014, 12:31:29 PM »
Very nice initiative Nick  ;)

as for me you can hear W30 in these drums are made with W30 reso filter of course ;) and here several loops are from W30.

looking forward to hear other stuff...
General Discussion / Your W-30 in Action
« Last post by nick on February 14, 2014, 12:04:52 PM »
Hi Everyone  :)

I was thinking it would be cool to have a place where we can hear songs you've either wrote on the W-30 or used it in your tracks. Perhaps links to YouTube or SoundCloud?

I'm eager to hear peoples replies

General Discussion / Re: How to Set Up Roland W30 Without Floppy Drive?
« Last post by nick on February 14, 2014, 10:27:25 AM »
Hi Miro

That's great thanks, answered my question and have a solution :)

General Discussion / Re: How to Set Up Roland W30 Without Floppy Drive?
« Last post by miro on February 13, 2014, 04:03:31 PM »
Hi Nick,

SD cards are formatted as FAT32 of course. However you need to convert 720k images (*.img, *.sdk, *.out, *.w30) into hfe files otherwise they will be not recognized by the emulator. Check this page,177.msg274.html#msg274 I have created small script to make this conversion easier. I am working on HFE support for SMFW30 as well.

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