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Bugs / Save as Midi File
« on: November 17, 2009, 10:35:00 AM »

I download your soft in order to retrieve all my W30 floppy disk and convert all my songs (it's a big word for many rushes.... ;D) to midi file (i'd like to work on it with a virtual studio caleld Lmms
But I've found 2 issues :
1st : Some songs are not completly converted only few seconds
2nd : "Save as midi file" does not work : No messages, no file created. It's a little bit stange.

I will do the following check but it should take me some times (my w30 is behind many things  :P) : Load the song in W30 and save on a new FD....

If you have any idea....

If you want i can send you the FD image with the song which not works....

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