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Title: Future of SMFW30
Post by: miro on October 16, 2017, 03:26:23 PM
Hi guys,

it has been quite long time. Normally I never do global messages but in this case I have decided to do so. Recent months lot of new people registered and purchased SMFW30 to my big surprise. SMFW30 is now more than 15 years old software so I am wondering whether you guys would like to get an update. Current SMFW30 is written in assembler. This is of course a good and a bad thing. It is fast and small but to maintain it or extend is very time consuming. Long time ago I started with .NET conversion but as the life pressed I had to start making money and could not work on projects like SMFW30 anymore. Considering new interest I wonder how many of you would be willing to pay for new completely rewritten version? I am talking here a cross-platform program (Win/Mac/Linux) and a web sound repository.

please let me know what you think about it


Title: Re: Future of SMFW30
Post by: katsumi on October 16, 2017, 03:47:43 PM
I saw an email from this forum after a long absence. I did not see the site of SMFW 30 too much because I changed my PC and I lost password.Just briefly, if you are going to continue development as it is, let me buy five, separately. (Probably 50 Euro)I sincerely hope that the nice soft software I've been able to help with will continue to develop.

(I would be happy if I could do direct SMF export from Director-S or SYS-333, 553 SONG FD if possible.)

Kat from Japan
Title: Re: Future of SMFW30
Post by: Melodius on October 16, 2017, 04:03:17 PM
I'm Definitely Interested And Would Definitely Be Willing To Pay, Even Significantly More Than The Original Price The SMFW-30 Went For (I Have Two W-30's And I Am Still Hope To Find The "Holy Grail", Namely, A W-30 With A PA-Decoder Installed... But I Digress.)

I Think There Are More Who Would Also Subscribe To A New Build, If They Knew You Were Actually Considering Building One.

But To Answer Your Question Again - Yes, I'm In !
Title: Re: Future of SMFW30
Post by: miro on October 16, 2017, 05:12:09 PM
Thanks for nice initial responses, I see there is also demand for additional functionality so let's see what features are in highest demand. I've created a new thread here under where you can list your most desired features. ;-),194.0.html (,194.0.html)

Title: Re: Future of SMFW30
Post by: steffens on October 16, 2017, 08:24:56 PM
Miro, as already stated per mail, I would also be willing to pay for a new version of your programme - functionality of having Director-S Sequencer data (used to run on a S-330) to be converted to a generic file format that can be loaded into today's music workstations, i.e. FL Studio. Good luck and hope that works out for you and all the interested users. Thanks!
Title: Re: Future of SMFW30
Post by: manciato on November 10, 2017, 10:26:36 AM
MAC  support, I mean OS X as well as linux  and midi to sys333 or viceversa would be MASSIVE/TERRIFIC! ;D
As fidelized customer I'm ok to pay few euros as upgrade
Title: Re: Future of SMFW30
Post by: Stereokromatik on December 05, 2017, 01:02:49 AM

I bought and still use one of the first versions,( i have the 2010?s version) which are well functional, and I like it! But every time I format my computer, I need to turn to Miro so he can pass me a serial again to make smfw30 fully functional ... I wish there was a way I would not always have to ask for a new serial, maybe a automatic generator on the site itself, who knows, or a generator in the exe, for those who have already bought and unblock the program as many times as they would like. Miro, it's a suggestion, because I love sfmw30!