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Title: New Update
Post by: miro on March 25, 2013, 12:21:54 PM

there is new update online, so please use the update tool to get it. For the people who's pc is not connected to the internet I will place updated installer later this week. So now what is updated :)

so this is it for the moment. Lot of stuff is going on for the moment so just be patient. I started playing actively again which means I use my W30 again more. I am reworking Tone editor to make the sound creation workflow much more easy. I hope to have this ready somewhere in the summer. So the upcoming updates will focus on Tone and Patch Editor.


Title: Re: New Update
Post by: Ricoche on November 23, 2013, 01:30:50 AM
Hello Miro!

I've been busy with music projects but still keep an eye on the forums from time to time.
I actually picked up a used Roland W-30 for $5 bucks yesterday and it still works!  I had
a broken floppy disk drive and one dead key, otherwise all works well.  It even as the SCSI
chip in it which is cool.  I can fix the dead key, plus the floppy drive as you know can either
be replaced or fitted with the HxC which I have. 

In any event, I'm curious about the following:

SMFW30 - I have added some new disk image fingerprints from S330 and S50 which were not recognized before.

I use both the Roland S-330 and S-50 more than my W-30 ( although that may change with a second W-30 ).  The S-50 I always
had issues using with SMFW30 so I had to resort to creating a W-30 disk in SMFW30 and then having the W-30 convert it to S-50
format.  That worked great, but obviously it would be more of a time saver to just have SMFW30 create a working S-50 disk.

Thus, I'm wondering since you are tinkering with the S-330 and S-50 footprints that this might mean you are making them more

I've always felt having a Roland W-30 editor is great, but if one could squeeze in the S-50, S-550, S-330, that would probably
bring in more users. 

Thanks Miro!!
Title: Re: New Update
Post by: miro on November 23, 2013, 08:46:00 PM
Hi Jim,

like you I have been putting most of my time of this year in my band, so there was not much progress. However as I said in my other posts I have made basic port of SMFW30 in .NET so the development is much more faster and maintainable. I am now investing lot of time in my new web startup but I think I will spare some time for SMFW30 related things in the Christmas.

I will keep you posted...