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Post by: miro on March 03, 2011, 01:30:28 PM
Hey guys, it's here!!!

I have done what I could and I 'think' I have a working package for you.

For the sake of quality :P can you please send me your wave files, midi files and diskimages so I can do some final testing?
Thanks in advance for this!

In the meanwhile I will update the website for launch. There will be automatic updating service as well so from now on you don't have to re-install each time a new update is released.

now here is a changelog:

Whole package
 - Windows 7 compatibility
 - cosmetic updates  ;D
 - help files (partial rewrite and update of the screenshots)
 - Internet Update (new development)
 - auto open diskimage in the Tone or MIDI editor (new development)
 - quick swap of diskimage between the editors (new development)

CD Editor (Rewrite)
- complete rewrite of CD accessing routines to use SPTI instead of ASPI. (No more additional painful install of ASPI drivers which work btw only on 32bit windows)
- x64 Windows compatibility
- preparations for Roland Harddrive reading

Tone Editor (Bug Fixes)
- Import of waves with odd length
- Editing of tone/subtone title
- Editing of all tone/subtone parameters with waveform preview

MIDI Editor (Bug Fixes)
- Correction of SYSEX troubles
- Correction of gate time 1 bug (,165.0.html (,165.0.html))

Patch Editor (new development)
- display of Patches with their Tones/Sub-Tones hierarchically
- Edit Patch name
- Delete Patch
- Save Patch (without sample data)
- Load Patch (with auto and manual mapping to use another Tones/Sub-Tones)

best regards

Post by: miro on March 15, 2011, 04:35:11 PM
Well, well, well,

where are you people? I have received only one midi file and no wav files or anything else. Bugs squashing continues very well so next week I can place it online. Nevertheless I would like to have more input from you people.

thanks in advance

Post by: Ricoche on March 18, 2011, 02:00:01 AM
Hi Miro,

Currently I am unable to provide samples for a couple of reasons.

First I am in Japan and near the problems that are happening.  At the moment I've been a bit preoccupied with all the commotion here.

Second I currently have my Roland W30 packed away waiting for the updated software version to be released.  I had some issues previously and wanted to take another crack when the new software came out.  For now I use my Fantom XR rack and Korg Electribe MKII for sample drums and instruments.  I am looking forward to getting the W30 back out and it's likely when I start working on it again I'll be able to contribute more samples for you. 

Take it easy!  Thanks!

Post by: miro on March 18, 2011, 09:09:52 AM
Hi Jim,

great to hear from you, I've been a bit worried when I've seen the news and also your site went down. I fully understand you cannot participate in my silly betatests while things like that are happening. Apparently on some of your blogs I have seen that you've had problems with quality of the imported samples. Later when things calm a bit down I would like to have an example of wave samples you were trying to import. I am working now on the new website and will release software as soon as possible.

good luck Jim

Post by: miro on May 14, 2011, 10:38:31 AM
Hey guys,

thanks to whole diskimage library Paolo sent me, I have found still some bugs in MIDI editor so now checking the extent of it. If its small I will still correct it otherwise there will be patch later. Recently I have added integration with Windows. So now you can just double-click diskimage and it will depending on type directly open in Tone or MIDI editor.

hopefully I will be done soon  :)
Post by: miro on May 17, 2011, 09:07:41 AM

bugs in the MIDI editor were related to deleted files :o which were not hidden. This I have corrected yesterday. New site is designed I am now filling some content, with a bit of luck I will be done this week.