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Author Topic: Added problem with CD editor  (Read 76697 times)


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Added problem with CD editor
« on: May 23, 2019, 07:43:47 PM »
Following on from my last post in which I mounted the Roland L-CD1.iso image with Daemon Tools Lite so that SMFW30 could see it. (Although interestingly, this procedure DOES NOT WORK on the W30 Collection #1 ISO - it just causes SMFW30 to crash!!!) However, all samples I extracted exhibited very bad clicking and distortion when I loaded them into the W30 via my Gotek FDE.

So I dug out my old internal CD-ROM drive (disconnected and unused for a long time) and decided to burn a physical CD-ROM of the Roland L-CD1. (Also burnt the ISO W30 Collection #1.) Both reported no issues after burning.

This time I instructed the CD editor to use drive E:\ (my CD-ROM drive), pressed Apply, then pressed Export. The screen says "Please wait - accessing CD-ROM", the disc spins up, but despite waiting for a LONG time, nothing else happens.

Any ideas anyone??
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