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Author Topic: Bulk conversion in CD editor - SMFW30  (Read 28868 times)


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Bulk conversion in CD editor - SMFW30
« on: May 22, 2019, 07:58:53 PM »
Miro's help file for the CD editor in SMFW30 says this: "You can browse Instrument Groups to find a disk image you want to export. Once you have decided, select one disk image from Sound Areas by clicking the left mouse button and press the Export button. The "Save As..." request will appear. Here you can choose the export format. CD Editor will then create the appropriate disk image in your Disk images folder."

Is it only possible to do one disk image at a time?? (Fairly time consuming and a real slog if there's 140 patches on a CD-ROM!!!) Or is it possible to Select All and do a bulk conversion??

Also, when I converted some samples from the Roland L-CD1 and loaded them into the W30 via my Gotek, they ALL had some kind of clicking/digital distortion on them. What did I do wrong??

Edit: the way that I got SMFW30 to 'see' the Roland L-CD1 was to mount the iso image in a virtual CD-ROM using software called Daemon Tools Lite.
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